Technology - Egg incubation baskets

Egg incubation baskets

For the individual incubation of itemised fish eggs

This small basket has been specially developed for the incubation of fish eggs, and is often implemented in aqua farms where wild water fish are produced.

It also serves to gather small quantities and/or individual fish eggs. By implementing an individual selection process the risk of an overall infection is minimised, and it also reduces the risk of the whole stock having to be destroyed, should the veterinary examination prove positive. This system can be compared with the functionality of the Zuger glass jar system.

Technical data
Diameter: 290 mm
Height: 230 mm
Tube diameter : 20 mm
Sieve: ca. 2 mm
Material : PE
Max. water flow rate: 4 l/min
Max. egg capacity: 7 Liter

Principal features... ...and your benefits
+ stackable after use
+ clean processing
+ optimal water circulation
+ non-corrosive material
+ low investment costs

+ space-saving
+ good hygiene monitoring
+ low water costs
+ long lifer
+ high operating efficiency