Technology - Feeding mats

Feeding mats

For the optimal first feeding of trys

The implementation of these mats for the purpose of feeding lake trout, sea trout, and especially for sea samlets and salmon, has proved very successful over many years.

The best results are achieved in a circulating current tank with a diameter of over 1.50 m. The mats are placed on the bottom of the tank at regular intervals, with the pimples face down. Within minutes nearly all the offspring hide under the mats and in the first 4 weeks only come out to feed. At this stage I can then increase the water flow rate to the maximum level without running the risk of losing the stock or sapping their energy.

There is the additional advantage that the self-cleaning effect is increased, and I therefore spend less time cleaning. The mats should be removed once a week for disinfection purposes. Strong and fast-growing offspring are the result of this feeding method.

Dimension 400 x 400 mm
Lenght of pimpels 20-30 mm
Weight 1,6 kg
Capacity 7.500 Frys

Principal features... ...and your benefits
+ plastic
+ easy to handle
+ less cleaning time
+ fast-growing offspring

+ long-lasting
+ can be set-up nearly everywhere
+ considerable labour saving
+ enhanced success