Technology - Feeding trays

Feeding trays

With egg, slip and slit grooves

This system was developed by Mr. Mathias Prexl and is implemented in fish farms where, despite limited space, eggs and/or a large number of spawn or fry are produced. The feeding trays are supplied with 3 compartments and can be stacked. Up unto 20,000 trout eggs and 12,000 salmon eggs can be put in each compartment.

The eggs are emptied out on the longitudinal grating. After hatching the fry fall through the grating and the yolk sacs either rest on the grating or are washed away via the sloped overflow grating. It is now easy to suck away the yolk sacs without damaging the fry.

The slit groves are situated on the bottom of the incubation trays, and the fry stay here to feed. This has the advantage that the fish remain relatively undisturbed and do not use up valuable energy by unnecessary movement. Feeding is also a lot easier.

Principal features... ...and your benefits
+ stackable
+ reduced husbandry
+ logical construction
+ stable brood

+ space-saving
+ considerable labour savings
+ easy handling
+ improved success