Technology - Propeller aerator

Propeller aerator

With deep water suction

This aerator was specially designed for application in intensive fish breeding environments and for water blending purposes.

The maintenance-free, continuously operating underwater motor has a double propeller, which achieves a very high water emission of between 120 to 192 m3/h.

Due to its low weight, the propeller aerator can be installed easily, immediately and anywhere. For various reasons it may be necessary to bring up the deep water to the surface in order to optimise the oxygen content for the entire water matter. For this purpose a modular shaft system with 0.40 mm graduations is employed.

Motor capacity
0,37 - 1,2 kW
13 - 20 kg

Principal features... ...and your benefits
+ simple construction
+ maintenance-free
+ low electricity costs
+ lower water input
+ good invertebrate recycling

+ overall implementation
+ safe operation
+ high oxygenation
+ higher production capacity
+ improved success