Technology - GFK rearing tanks and basins

GFK Rearing Tanks and Basin

For rearing and keeping - round, square and rectangular tanks

Fibreglass-reinforced polyester basins have been tried and tested in fish-farming for many years. Depending on the size and shape of the basins, the GFK coating consists of at least 500 g/square metre fibreglass matting combined with polyester resin. So for example the total weight of a round basin with an outer diameter of 3.10 m., 0.07 m. height and 0.25 m. base is approximately 165 kg. Thanks to their very robust design they can even withstand the most unfavourable weather conditions.

The smooth inner surfaces and the conical shape of the basins make cleaning easy. As a rule the excrement pit is located in the centre; a tube with a diameter of 100 mm leads to a telescopic drain or it leads to a drain whose direction can be altered.

Generally the basins can be delivered in many different sizes and varieties. Please note how-ever that the cost of specially-built moulds for non-standard dimensions will be greater than normal unless large quantity is ordered.

At customers' request the basins can be produced in all colours on the RAL chart.

Principal features... ...and your benefits
+ well-planned systems
+ professional workmanship
+ easily-managed
+ tailor-made design possible

+ easy working
+ very long life-spant
+ flexible applications
+ can be used everywhere