Technology - Firzlaff-box


With slip compartments and slit grooves

Years of experience in freshwater and sea fish breeding as well as stocking measures in a variety of waters formed the basis for the development of a revolutionary egg hatching system for salmonid eggs in natural freshwaters. The stainless steel, floodwater-proof egg incubation box is implemented in the professional / controlled incubation of salmonid eggs as well as for high quality stock breeding.

Two versions in different box sizes, depending on the water type and usage, are available for water management application:

Version 1:
Stationary version
85 x 20 x 11 cm (width/height/depth) weighing 8 kg.
Depending on the size of egg and fish species, the box offers optimal and safe conditions for between 7,500 and 30,000 eggs. The eggs lie in the divisions. To minimise maintenance, these can be fitted out with special plastic fertilisation mats.

Version 2:
Floatable version
150 x 40 x 11 cm (width/height/depth) weighing 20 kg.
At the invertebrate feeding stage the fry disperse in the water of their own accord. Under normal conditions, maintenance is reduced to a periodical control of the system (once a week). The average success rate is around 90 - 95%.

Principal features... ...and your benefits
+ entirely constructed from stainless steel
+ reduced maintenance
+ moreorless overall implementation
+ controllable at all times
+ optimal stock quality
+ high survival rate

+ durable
+ good hygiene monitoring
+ for all salmonid
+ high success rate
+ high fish stock
+ improved success