Freshwater fish - Philosophy

The following elaborations probably do not apply for all waters, but there is a growing demand, especially for juvenile freshwater fish, resulting from native reproduction and breeding with corresponding quality. The reasons for this are the legal guidelines on the one hand, and on the other the excellent and encouraging results achieved through ecologically as well as economically sound stocking measures. Based on longtime practical experience and numerous intensive discussions with our regular customers, we are certain that midterm planning is the prerequisite for achieving our joint targets. Top-quality and where possible, native stock material, is just one link in the long chain of biological correlation and necessities. Apart from delivering freshwater fish which, in part, is fed with live plankton, our future services will also include:

  • accompaniment at resettlement activities, and scientific advice, where required
  • advice on queries regarding water husbandry
  • viewing the site where freshwater fish are to be produced
  • providing freshwater fish planning conceptsto cover many years
  • spawn breeding and reproduction of native fish species and forms
  • wage-earning breeding of sensitive anddifficult to produce fish species
  • support in microbiological test and examination of water courses and fish stocks

Once a mutual agreement has been reached and a plan devised, it is possible to provide all indigenous fish species and sizes, including a number of rare breeds.

Because our working, production and delivery methods are timeconsuming our prices might not appear to be reasonable at first glance. However, our regular customers have come to appreciate the results of our client and watercourse-orientated work. The delivery volume as well as the contract duration are factors which have a significant effect on pricing.

We will be pleased to work out an individual and non-binding quotation for you.