Technology - Compressor


Whispering aeration

Nowadays it is possible to combine the advantages of an additional uninterrupted water aeration with a justifiable cost/performance ratio. This compressor is not only exceedingly quiet, but also very reliable. The lifespan of the linear piston, which is the only expendable item in the compressor, is about 20,000 operating hours. There are 6 different models.

The largest compressor: The smallest compressor:
output: 7,200 m3 / h output: 1,680 m3 / h
weight: 9,4 kg weight: 2,8 kg
sound level: 48 dB(A) sound level: 38 dB(A)
current: 130 Watt current: 29 Watt
Principal features... ...and your benefits
+ sophisticated technology
+ extremely efficient
+ long life
+ maintenance-free

+ safe operation
+ better achievements
+ very economic
+ low costs