Technology - Pontoon systems

Pontoon systems

Individual pontoons emerge from modular systems

Construct your own pontoon system entirely to your own specifications. This modular system can be adapted to accommodate your desired layout and measurements. The 700 mm x 700 mm individual modules are connected to each other with a bolt and are easily dismantled. Maximal stability, safety and durability is achieved by the high quality plastic used in the production process.

700 x 440 x 700 mm (w x h x d)
15 kg per module
Load capacity:
360 kg per m²

Versatile design alternatives, e.g. net cage systems

Principal features... ...and your benefits
+ adaptable modular system
+ manufactured from high quality plastic
+ frost, saltwater and acidresistant
+ roughened surface
+ easily manageable light weight modules

+ individual application possibilities
+ stable and extremely durable
+ can be left floating throughout the year
+ fall and trip-free surface
+ simple self-construction and maintenance-free