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Filter system with patented twin valve flushing system

Filter system with patented twin valve flushing system. 4 different filter systems are available with a maximum water discharge flow-through of between 12,000 and 35,000 litres per hour. Due to its compact construction and light weight, the filter can be implemented everywhere. As the system is fully enclosed, there are no odour problems.

The surface of the specially treated beads totals 1,300 m2 per m3. The light weight, 35,000 per kilogram, as well as the large surface of the beads, guarantee maximum water clarity: dirt particles up to 0.015 mm are removed. Over 40,000 installations world-wide speak for this system's success.

The integrated and patented refiltering system should be a standard equipment part. It automatically removes dirt deposits through the filter.

The flushing optimises the system's operation and should be carried out at regular intervals. The less dirt in the filter means lower oxygen consumption and less albumen, ammonia etc. in the filter.

Principal features... ...and your benefits
+ fully enclosed
+ automatic re-filtering
+ sophisticated systeml
+ wear-free material
+ excellent filtering performance

+ clean operation
+ optimal functionality
+ easy to operate
+ high success rate
+ extremely cost effective