Technology - Ventilation injector

Ventilation injector

For oxygen application and flow generation

This ventilator, which has been in successful use for many years, is one of the best, most effective and economical aeration systems in use and is also suitable for large ponds. The ventilator operates with a maintenance-free, continuously operating underwater motor, which rotates to nearly 180 degrees. The affixed propellers generate a current which can be pre-set to any chosen direction, whereby the surface air is aerated and dispersed.

In addition, air is continuously sucked in through a hose, which is then dispersed under water by the current. With the correct installation, it is also possible to incorporate pure oxygen. Apart from the strong current which all 3 motors generate, the injectors also fulfil the following functions, providing that they are suitably installed:

  • degasification
  • prevention of ice-formation
  • combating algae
  • sediment reduction
  • conditioning of current-loving fish
  • water blending

Motor capacity Weight
0,37 – 1,1 kW 10,5 – 13,0 kg
0,75 – 1,1 kW 11,0 – 13,5 kg
Principal features... ...and your benefits
+ continuously adjustable
+ overall implementation
+ sophisticated technology
+ extremely efficient

+ efficient oxygen application
+ for all circumstances
+ safe operation
+ better achievements