Technology - Professional GFK transporting containers

Professional GFK Transporting Containers

System for transport of live fish - tried and tested for everyday use for more than 20 years

Construction - GFK container shell, absolutely waterproof, stable and solidly built (no cheap plywood version). Two 12 volt circulation pumps which can be connected separately, provide for the expert oxygen needs.

The fish cannot be harmed by an over-supply of pure oxygen. Power supply is effected in a simple way, e.g. by plugging into the car cigarette lighter. The container can be emptied easily via a check valve by means of a hose. Easy cleaning by loosening just one screw.

You can immediately see the advantages of this system by judging the behaviour of the fish after having been released.

No additional oxygen cylinder is required!

Technical data
Dimensions: 1.000 x 500 x 400 mm (L x W x D)
Filling capacity: up to 200 litres
Empty weight: approx. 15 kg
Bus bar: 12 volt, e.g. via cigarette lighter
Oxygen supply: two 12 volt circulationpumps
Principal features... ...and your benefits
+ innovative system
+ easy handling
+ expert oxygen supply
+ thick walled design

+ professional transport
+ low liability for mistakes
+ nearly no losses in transport
+ very long lifetime