Technology - Shade mats

Shade mats

For basins and ponds

Experience has shown that it is very sensible to provide basins and ponds with shade. On the one hand potentially dangerous UV-rays are considerably reduced, and on the other, the fish are protected from birds of prey.

The shade also has the effect that people are practically inconspicuous for the fish, and there- fore the stress level is minimised. Normally the mats are manufactured from polyethylene, but other materials can be supplied on request. The mats come in standard widths of 1.50 m or 3,00 m, but other sizes, with hems and eyelets can be made to specification. These mats have also proved successful in indoor use, i.e. in spawn feeding.

Apart from the previously mentioned advantages, these mats prevent larger fish such as spawning fish from springing out of the basin. Why not try the mats out? You will be pleasantly surprised. The time and effort required to cover salmon ponds or the like will be quickly rewarded. The fish can grow with little disruption, and the algae is practically robbed of its nourishment. Fish-eating birds are also prevented from finding prey.

Principal features... ...and your benefits
+ easy to assemble
+ flexible application
+ long life span
+ healthy stock

+ cost-effective
+ customisable
+ very economic
+ improved success