Flow Simulation (computational fluid dynamics, CFD)

  • Using CFD-Analysis for optimizing flow characteristics of pipes, tanks or other components.
  • Showing sedimentation areas, velocities, head loss and turbulence.

With the CFD service, we model your hydraulic system to make head loss, velocities (also sedimentation velocities) or discharge visible. This information is extremely useful for optimizing tank- and bio filters designs - e.g. to decrease energy costs or to avoid sedimentation areas.

Biophysical Design:
Based on the biological production framework, we compute water quality parameters like oxygen consumption, nitrifying rates or necessary hydraulic rates. With this information provided by our scientists, our engineers plan the entire technological water treatment system. Carefully determined parameters and a diligent system design are vital prerequisites to provide resource efficient and therefore economical viable aquaculture systems.

Control technology engineering
Smooth and energy efficient processes in fish farms require an intelligent control. We provide systems to control the processes by measuring parameters with sensors and acting accordingly. Our broad range of maintenance low or even maintenance free sensors include the parameters dissolved oxygen, pH, oxidation-reduction-potential ORP, conductivity (and therefore salinity), temperature, water level, - flow and more.
With this technology, actuators like pumps, fish feeders, dosing units or filter can be controlled intelligently and their operation becomes more efficient.
In addition to these services, all the functions are liked by software and can be visualized on smartphones, tablets or computers. For emergency cases, alarms are sent to inform the personal immediately.